Experiences to discover Binh Ba Island only with 3 million VND

Binh Ba Island is famous for its beautiful beaches, clear & calm sea. Lobsters, Huynh De crabs, rice cake dish are delicious dishes can not be ignored.

The ideal time to go to Binh Ba is from March to September, this is a quiet sea season, suitable for moving, playing. Weekends and public holidays are often crowded, so you should go mid-week to avoid overload.


Despite the tourism restrictions, services on Binh Ba Island are quite adequate. The cost of living is also reasonable.

Some basic expenses for Binh Ba travel you can refer to include:

– Two-way ticket HCM City – Nha Trang: 500,000 VND.

– Boat tickets to the island: 60,000 VND.

– Accommodation: 200 – 500,000 VND.

– Expenses for meals: 1,000,000 VND.

– Renting motorbikes: 200,000 VND.

– Cost incurred: 500,000.

The total cost for a short trip is about 3 million per person. No include air tickets and train tickets if you depart from Hanoi or other provinces.


Day 1 – Transfer to Nha Trang, boarding boat to Binh Ba Island.
Day 2 – Pick up the sun on the beach, scuba diving to see the coral. Squiding , crabing and enjoying seafood off the beach.
Day 3 – Transfer to the city.


From Hanoi, tourists can take a train or plane to Nha Trang city. The price of the train ticket is from 700,000 to 1,000,000, the price of air ticket is about 500,000 – 1,000,000 depending on the time.

From Ho Chi Minh City, you can take a train, bus or motorbike along the National Highway 1A, the distance of about 400 km.

After arriving in Nha Trang city’s center, tourists can take the car to Ba Ngoi port to Binh Ba Island. If you ride a motorbike or car, you can park your car near the port.

The boat is usually fixed by the hour: 7h – 10h – 13h30 – 16h. The opposite direction from Binh Ba to the mainland comes from: 5h – 9h – 12h30 – 16h30. Travel time is about 45 – 60 minutes.

Binh Ba Island is not too big, visitors can walk or rent a motorbike to explore the island. If you want to go far for scuba diving, watching coral, you just go to boat wharf to find the boat to join the tour, the price per person about 50,000 VND.


Although not encouraging the development of tourism services, but hostels and hotels on the island of Binh Ba is quite spacious.

As soon as you set foot on the island, you will immediately see two large hostels. Room rates are not too expensive, ranging from 200,000 VND to 400,000VND per double room. High season tourists should call booking because the hotel is not much here, or run out of room.

Another favorite option is homestay. Be diffirent from other tourist cities such as Da Lat or Sa Pa, homestay in Binh Ba are basically residential houses of the people, not intended to serve tourists. In high season, you can apply for stay and send back some money to the landlord. Therefore homestay rates here are also not fixed. Many homeowners are also willing to cook, leading visitors to explore the island.


The first thing you should try when going to Binh Ba is to rent a motorbike to explore all nooks on the island. Binh Ba is not too big, the road is less so you can comfortably drive around the island without fear of getting lost. The road to the top of the island is quite steep and winding. Most visitors go along this route to see the island from above, so motorbike up and down, you should be careful when coming up.

Bai Nom is a place where there are many visitors and near the residential area. The water here is very clear, sandy beaches, crowded to bathing. There are also many interesting sea activities such as snorkeling, motorbike riding, banana float …

Picking up dawn on the beach is one of the most memorable experiences in Binh Ba. Not as busy as Bai Nom beach, this place is extremely quiet with wild scenery. In the early morning, the surface of the sea is calm as a mirror. The sun raises interesting changes of scenery. If you have explored the nooks on the main island, you can go to the pier to the remote islands, diving to see the coral, bathing. Bo De beach, Nha Cu beach, Sa Huynh beach remains unspoiled. These are popular destinations, not to be missed when coming to Binh Ba.

Afternoon you can walk around Binh Ba market to find some snacks or buy gifts for relatives. In the evening, you can go together with islanders to shrimp, squid, crabs or walk to the beach to enjoy seafood, air into the sea at night.


Binh Ba’s specialty is nothing but seafood. Lobster is the most famous dish on the island. Apart from fishing, the main income of the islanders comes from lobster farming. Compared with other places, lobster of Binh Ba is famous fresh but the price is cheaper because people are farming on the island.

Fresh lobster cost about 1.5 – 2 million VND/ kg, depending on the season and the size.

Grilled lobster, lobster porridge, lobster blood wine are the things you should try when coming to Binh Ba. If homestay, you can ask the landlord to buy and process their own.

Fish Salad is also famous in Binh Ba Island. Fish for salad must be fresh, just caught on. Processing fish takes much time because this fish is small like finger, have to filter each bone. Fish after cleansing, is mixed with spices, eat with raw vegetables and wrapped in rice cake.

In addition, specialties in Binh Ba also have steamed crabs, fried squid, grilled rice cakes, grilled blooded oysters, Huynh De crabs, banh xeo, grilled fish.

If you are a devotee of food, do not miss the “Binh Ba’s Food Street”. Situated near the port of Binh Ba, this is the culinary paradise on the island. You can find specialties here without having to worry about cutting.

In the evening, visitors often walk to the beach, sit on the beach to enjoy seafood and sip a few bottles of beer. Seafood restaurants serve from early afternoon to late night. Full menu of famous dishes on the island, all fresh and processed in place.


– Binh Ba is a military island, you should not go into the area with the forbidden sign board.

– Do not allow foreign visitors to the island, you should bring identification such as ID card, passport.

– If accompanied by a group, visitors should make a list of ID, address and date of birth to be submitted to the border guard when requested.

– There are no ATMs on the island, tourists should have cash available.

– Freshwater on the island is very rare, need to use thrift.

– Summer and holiday visitors to Binh Ba is very crowded, visitors should book in advance or avoid travel at peak times.

– Binh Ba is facing the problem of waste and environmental pollution. Visitors should limit litter and have a negative impact on the landscape.


Source: VNExpress.net