The experience while sea-bathing

For a perfect beach trip, you should be prepared for everything before you start and be careful with all possible dangers. Please note some of the following.

– Before going to the beach, you should prepare at least 2 swimsuits. Shorts, skirts, short sleeves will make you feel cool, refreshing. Sandals instead of shoes because the feet will be cool. You should also bring bath towels, swimming goggles. If you are traveling with children, you should buy a baby float or a float to sit on the beach.

– You should also wear sunscreen to protect the skin, especially you should choose the type of SPF index from 30. Hats, sunglasses to protect eyes from glare.

– Before going into the water, you should ask the local people about some safe beaches to avoid the risk of sand, jellyfish, sharp rocks … You should not swim too far or to the point too deep. The easiest way to do that is to always look at swim limiters that most of the sea areas have or pay attention to the people around you.

– Warm up before going to the water to avoid cramping and more pleasure when swimming.

– Bathe in crowded places, so that you can get help if you are in an accident.

– In addition, eye drops, cotton buds, bath gel, shampoo are also useful. Traveling with small children, you should bring some dry food or water to eat after bathing.

– Do not bathe for a long time when it is sunny or in the middle of the noon. Do not carry watches, jewels especially necklaces, precautions waves to lose.

– When a group goes to swim, it should be divided into small groups for easy management. When surfing, parasailing, kayaking, scuba diving … you need to comply with the safety requirements provided by the tour guide. Do not go far outside the safe area, avoid obstacles at sea from afar.

– Young children should not be bathed long after cold water. Instead, let the children bathe in the pool or play on the sand.

– Food poisoning in coastal restaurants is likely because a large number of customers focuses on a place that makes it difficult for restaurants to provide timely quality assurance. Therefore, you should not eat food when under-baked or under-cooked. In addition, you should bring medicine like stomach drug, wind oil.