Top 5 sweet destinations for Valentine’s Day

Instead of traditional venues, you can plan a romantic trip for Valentine’s Day.


Treasured by natural beauty, Sapa always attracts visitors from the pristine mountain forests hidden behind the mysterious misty clouds to the houses filled with green trees. You and your lover can spend 3 days to visit the North West, explore the natural beauty spots such as Silver Falls, Cloud Bridge, Heaven Gate, Truc Forest, Ta Phin Cave, legend Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa ancient rocks, Muong Hoa valley …

Especially, if you come here, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the busy Sapa market from Saturday evening to Sunday, where the couple in colorful costumes, singing through flute, horn.

Stone church, symbol of Sapa. Photo: Flickr

You can rent a motorbike, go to Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village, where traditional handicrafts are made, weaving and making jewelry, and can learn about the culture and life of the people. The village is also very interesting.

In the evening, you can walk around the town, choose a barbecue in the center, enjoy grilled chicken eggs, grilled pork, grilled chicken, grilled chicken, grilled salmon and feel cold the town of frosty.


Moc Chau is one of the “hot spots” that most young people hunt in recent days to admire the beauty of peach blossom, plum blossom. This is the ideal place to record beautiful photos and may be after the trip, you will choose Moc Chau as a place for romantic wedding photography.

Romantic heart of tea: Photo: Que Lan

A 2 days 1 night trip in Moc Chau, you can rent a motorbike, visit the farm town, Dai Yem Fall, Doi Cave, Ban Ang pine forest, tea hill, Ngu Dong Ban On or simply wandering along the way, record memorable moments and enjoy specialties such as be chao, ca suoi, lon man, thang co, Lam rice.


Dubbed as the city of flowers, Da Lat brings romantic beauty, suitable for couples celebrate their special anniversaries. Early spring, hand in hand with him/her to walk on the flower streets, scenic Xuan Huong fanciful lake. In the afternoon sunset, you can set your feet on the top of Langbiang and enjoy mountain hills; evening to visit and go shopping at Dalat market; Come down to enjoy the food and then return to the warm pine forest villa.

You and your partner can spend 3 days to experience Dalat. Do not forget to enjoy baked rolls, rice noodles, beef noodles, grilled noodles, strawberry ice cream, grilled seafood, or find yourself a coffee shop in the small corner to confess and give each other warm space, listen to the soft and deep love songs.

Valley of Love, Da Lat. Photo: Baodautu


With pure and grace beauty, Hoi An ancient town is the place where time settles with emotions sublimated for love couples. Maybe the best choice for you is walking around the streets, alleys in the old town, enjoy quiet space. When  you feel tired, you can rest and enjoy “Cao Lau”, Quang noodles, Hoi An chicken rice, beat cake, corn tea, donuts, … in the restaurant or at the street vendors along the street.

Brilliant Hoi An ancient lantern. Picture: Que Lan

Especially, on the 14th of February this year (on the lunar calendar), an ideal time that you should not miss to come here to enjoy the most beautiful moment of Hoi An when the whole city is lit by light of traditional lanterns. What is more romantic when you sit on a boat along the Hoai River which is brilliant with many flower lights.


If the cold weather in the North makes you do not intend to travel the sea, the South Central Coast with Nha Trang is considered the first destination for couples to release their soul to nature, or immersed in the blue and cool sea.

Let’s forget about the worries of living in order to to harmonize in the space of heaven and earth, to cultivate affection into romantic and peaceful scenery at the resorts or the hotels which are located along the road at the seaside.

Nha Trang beach attracts tourists. Picture: vietsensetravel

You will be satisfied with luxury space and service along with seafood dishes, seafood BBQ. What is more romantic when you and your lover have a private party with one romantic candlelight, in the harmony of gentle sea waves, together with a glass of wine and enjoy the sweet romantic moment.

Que Lan